Monday, July 1, 2013

Other than weddings...

Anyone that knows anything about me knows that I DO NOT like balloons for weddings or any adult-type shindig. So it came as a surprise to yours truly when I recently found through my good pal at out about these huge, ginormous 36inch balloons and guess what? I fell in love (happy sigh:)

There are a couple of websites that do carry the deflated ones and then you have to pay for it to be blown up at your local party store (even grocery florist). I got this one on You also have to make tassels to tag to the end of the balloon for a fun and joyous effect, yay!!

It was quite a challenge getting 5 them into my Camry (probably should have rented a minivan or something more reasonable), but here's I am with my proud creation. This was for a baby shower in Franklin Park, NJ. I have to put pix up from the shower soon...

Me and Balloony (as my kids named it)

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